Cheesy Potato Pie

My husband hates cabbage. Unfortunately (for him) I happen to like it. A lot. Plus in the winter the veg box always seems to have a surplus. So this was invented as a way of using up both cabbage and last nights mash on the understanding the copious amounts of cheese always makes something taste better. Put it this way, he eats it…!

You need
Leftover mash (about 4 or so potatoes worth)
Leftover cabbage (any amount), shredded
Fried onion or leek if you can be bothered
Lots of grated cheese
A smidgen of mustard – any kind apart from hot dog mustard that is!

Lob the mash, onions/leeks and cabbage into a bowl along with about 1 cup of cheese and mix together. This is easier to do if the mash is still warm. If it’s cold from the fridge then nuke it for a bit to soften it up. Once it’s all mixed put into a baking dish and rough up the top. Cover with more cheese (as much as you fancy) and then bake in a hot oven for 30-45 mins till bubbling, golden brown and yummy. Enjoy on its own or with other leftovers.