Kids Christmas Cake

This was a great addition to the Christmas Table this year. Lex really enjoyed making and decorating the cake with me and I liked eating the end result! I’ll definitely be doing it again next year. The original idea came from an Asda magazine.

You need:
a 6 egg victoria sponge cake batter (6 eggs; 12 oz SR flour, butter and vanilla caster sugar)
1 quantity green buttercream (follow recipe on back of icing sugar packet) and colour 1/4 of it with 150g melted chocolate. Colour the remaining 3/4 green.
Various sweets to decorate (we used dolly mixture and M&Ms)
Edible glitter
Fondant icing for the parcels
Writing icing to decorate the parcels
Raspberry jam

Begin by placing the cake batter into a lined rectangular tin (about 20cms x 25cms) and bake for 30-45 mins till cooked.

Leave to cool and then cut into an xmas tree shape. Save the trimmings. Split the cake and buttercream and jam the inside. Sandwich together again. Spread green buttercream all over the ‘leaf’ bit and chocolate buttercream on the ‘trunk. Decorate. Cut some of the trimmings into parcel shapes, split and fill with buttercream and jam and then cover with fondant. Decorate with the writing icing. Ration out to one piece per day and watch the sugar rush hit the kids!!!

Merry Christmas lol!

Dried Fruit Compote

A true lentil knitting, sandal wearing veggie recipe this one. But it still tastes nice despite that 😉

For about 6 servings you need:
500g mixed dired fruits (I used apples, apricots, sultanas, raisins, figs)
250ml apple juice
some spices – I used 1 cinnamon stick, 4 cloves and about 6 crushed cardamon pods

Lob everything into a pan, bring to a gentle simmer and cook for about 15 mins. Leave with a lid on for another 45 mins or so to let the fruit plump up. Serve au natural or with museli, on top of porridge or with a dollop of natural yogurt if you’re not vegan (and vegan yogurt if you are!).