Ricotta Pancakes with Blackcurrants and Macerated Strawberries

Waitrose had a too good to pass up stupid offer on ricotta last week – they were flogging tubs of it, well within their use by date, for 29p per 250g! So naturally I brought loads, not knowing what I would be doing with it… Today I used up 1 tub by making these pancakes. They’re an adaptation of a Nigella recipe. And delectable they are too 🙂

For 16 pancakes you need:
250g ricotta
100g flour
2 eggs, separated
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
pinch salt
1 tsp baking powder
100g blackcurrants (frozen are fine)
125ml milk

Begin by mixing together the egg yolks, milk and ricotta. Once smooth add the flour, salt, sugar and baking powder. Mix again. Whisk the egg whites till light and frothy and then fold into the rest of the batter. Fold in the blackcurrants. Heat a flat griddle pan and drop dollops of the mix onto the pan. Cook gently for a few mins until bubbles appear on the top and then carefully flip over to cook the other side. Serve with macerated strawberries and maple syrup. A breakfast fit for a king 🙂

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