Pecan Pie

I have never made this before, but a visit from my mum prompted me to make it as she likes it! I will be making it again..!

For 1 medium pie and a couple of individual pies you need:
1 quantity pie crust:
110g butter
260g plain flour
2-3 tbsp water

For the filling:
200g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
250ml golden syrup
3 eggs, lightly beaten
100g pecan nuts, roughly chopped
50g whole pecans
60g butter, cubed

Begin by making the pie crust. Blitz the flour and butter in a food processor and then dribble in the water. Bring together in to a dough and leave to rest.

Meanwhile make the filling. Melt the syrup and sugar together. Boil briefly and then leave to cool slightly. Whisk the eggs with the vanilla and then slowly whisk in the sugar/syrup. Add the chopped nuts and butter and mix well until the butter is melted. Roll out the pastry and line a dish. Pour the filling into the dish and top with the whole pecans. Bake in a moderate oven for 45-60 mins till golden brown and risen. Cool and then scoff. Yum.

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