Tomato and Pesto Tart (v)

This was a creation from stuff that needed to be used up: namely a basil plant and some tomatoes. Result!

For 2 portions you need:
1/2 pack ready rolled puff pastry (check it’s vegan!)
1 cup tomatoes, sliced
salt and pepper

1 tbsp pine nuts, lightly toasted
1 clove garlic
2 large handfuls basil leaves
good quality olive oil

Make the pesto by blitzing everything together till smooth-ish.
Lay the pastry out on a baking sheet and score round the edges to leave a 1cm border.
Spread the pesto inside the border.
Lay on the tomatoes and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle over a little extra olive oil.
Bake in a hot oven for 10-15 mins till the pastry is risen and golden brown.
Scoff with a rocket and watercress and red onion salad.

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