Thai Fish (or Tofu) Cakes

I adore fish cakes but have never ever made them before. And they were one of the things I didn’t actually eat in Thailand. So I rectified that as soon as I got back. If you’re vegan/veggie then tofu instead of fish makes a delicious alternative without the dead animal.

For 6 people as a starter you need:
300g fresh fish or tofu
3 tbsp fish sauce or mushroom soya sauce
3 tbsp red curry paste
3 kaffir lime leaves
1 egg (omit if you’re vegan and add a little water if necessary to blend to a paste)
1 tsp palm sugar
juice 1 lime
1 inch ginger or galangal
oil for deep frying

Puree everything in a food processor till it goes sticky. If using fish, keep pulsing till it thickens and becomes really sticky. If using tofu, take care not to overmix, especially if doing the vegan version sans eggs.

Heat enough oil in a deep pan to deep fry. Place small teaspoonfuls into the hot oil and turn over after about 45 seconds to ensure even cooking. Fry till browned and drain on kitchen paper.

Serve with a sour cucumber salad or sweet chilli sauce or frankly anything else you want to dip them in. if you have left overs they are delicious served in a cold salad of rice noodles with left over cucumber salad and soya sauce.

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