No meat, no diary, no eggs, no honey…

Yep, for the next month, I am vegan only as I’m contributing to the annual Vegan MoFo event. I’m hoping to adapt some of my most popular recipes into vegan ones, as well as trying out new recipes. A lot of what I make is already vegan as I’m not a huge dairy eater but I will miss eggs. A lot. So time to try out some different egg substitutions in cake recipes. Any ideas or suggestions welcome!

3 thoughts on “No meat, no diary, no eggs, no honey…

  1. Me too! Am very excited about it. I did a 365 blog a couple of years ago and enjoyed that so it will be good to get back on the daily blogging wagon and increasing my knowledge and repertoire of all things vegan too 🙂


  2. Just thought i'd say hello! I'm also taking part in Vegan MOFO this year and found you whilst browsing the list. It's always nice to connect with other UK bloggers! I love cake (healthy vegan indulgent cake!!) and find that the best egg substitute is ground chia of flax seed mixed with a little water, banana and tofu can also be great subs. Enjoy the rest of Vegan MOFO!


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