Tempura Vegetables (v)


I used to make this a lot when Lex was younger but I haven’t made it for a while. The muggy hot weather today and a fridge full of veggies prompted me to make it again. It’s based on an Ottolenghi recipe in his book ‘Plenty’. 

For three portions you need

  • A selection of veggies cut into bite sized pieces. Allow about a cup per person
  • 80g self raising flour
  • 80g cornflour
  • 210ml fizzy water
  • Oil for deep frying

Heat the oil in a large pan. Combine the batter ingredients together. Coat the vegetables in the batter and drop into hot oil. Cook until golden brown – about 3-5 mins. You’ll need to fry in batches. Serve with a selection of dipping sauces eg soya sauce, sweet chilli sauce etc. 

2 thoughts on “Tempura Vegetables (v)

    • Ha ha! Some of my recipes I only know in imperial because I am also old! 25g = 1 oz so for this you’d need 3oz self raising and corn flours and 7 fl oz of fizzy water 🙂 The batter needs to be a little thinner than single cream.

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