Broad Beans Nil Points

Dinner was a bit of a let down tonight it has to be said. I wanted to use up the broad beans from the veg box, and decided to try a variation of this broad bean bruschetta on the Good Food website. The recipe worked pretty well. Instead of the suggestions on the website, I blanched the beans and added them to 1 crushed garlic clove, 1/2 a squeezed lemon and some finely chopped parsely as neither I or DH are that keen on mint. I then piled the mashed bean mixture onto some slices of bread and warmed them through in the oven. So far so good. After they’d cooked, I managed to lose half of DH’s topping on the top of the oven, darn. They tasted OK, but were a bit fiddly to eat. I served the bruschetta with some pan fried haloumi and onions and salad. Have to say, I’m not that keen on broad beans and feel quite sick now, but that could be from the rapidly quaffed kir I had alongside my dinner and the 2 teaspoonfuls of marmite I ate afterwards!

Have celery, chinese leaf and corriander to use up tomorrow so I think DH will be back into eastern fusion food tomorrow, much to his delight 😉